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Steve Witter

Hi, I’m Steve Witter, CFP®, CSLP®

I am a graduate of SUNY Geneseo and the College for Financial Planning where I earned the certification of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. I also acquired the CSLP® designation, as a Certified Student Loan Professional™. I’m passionate about helping medicinal professionals and teachers organize their student loan repayment and align their finances with their goals and values.

When I’m not in the office, you can find me traveling with my wife, chasing our three daughters (pray for me) Reese, Ruthie, Raffie around the house, exploring Buffalo’s rich history, searching for the best chicken wings, working out, or trying to master my golf swing.

George Harris

Hi, I’m George Harris, CFP®

I retired as a Chemistry and Physics Teacher from Depew UFSD in 2000 in order to devote full efforts to financial planning. I earned the certification of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

When I’m not in the office, you can find me traveling with my wife and visiting our six grandchildren.

Who We Help

Jeff & Debra

57, Married, looking to retire in next 5 years

Jeff and Debra are getting close to retirement and wanted to see where they were at and wanted to put together a game plan for the transition. Jeff owns his own business and Debra works at a small non-profit. They had over 15 different financial accounts to be used for retirement. They were unsure of what life insurance coverages they still needed and what they should drop. They also weren’t sure how much cash they should keep in the bank and wondered where was the best place to keep that cash.

who we help

The Results

  • Put a step-by-step plan in place for health insurance, as they plan on retiring before they will be eligible for Medicare.
  • We recommended changes to their insurance policies that may lower their annual costs.
  • Made a “bucket-list” of things they will want to achieve in retirement and see if they could afford all this things.
  • Discussed the approaches they could take with their investments given the fact they may not need the money, and how they may want to manage these funds.
  • We also figured out a Social Security claiming strategy that could help make a huge difference.

Bill & Rebecca

35, Married, 2 Kids (4 and 2)

Bill and Rebecca are two busy parents of a 4 year old boy Josh and a 2 year old girl Madison. Bill works at Ingram Micro and Rebecca took 3 years off to be with the kids, but heading back to Ken-Ton where she is a 3rd grade teacher. They realized that life has gotten in the way and they have not been able to manage their finances at all. They know they need life insurance, but don’t know where to start. They have 3 different retirement accounts and would also like to start saving for college for Josh and Madison, while still paying off their student loans.

The Results

  • Examined their current spending and highlighted where they could save a little more now, but with some big increases next year when Josh goes to school and even more when Madison is out of daycare.
  • Changed their retirement savings strategy so they would get more “bang for their buck.”
  • Reviewed their employee benefits to see what life insurance coverage their employer currently provides and then compare that to their total life insurance needs. Any gaps would be addressed by looking into personal life insurance and trying to find them the best possible coverage that fit their needs for the lowest cost.
  • Started saving for Josh and Madison’s college.
  • Lower their student loan repayment amount and set them up for some loan forgiveness.
  • Discussed what Estate Planning documents should exist now that they were growing a family.

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