2016 My Year in Review

As we near the end of the year a lot of financial advisors will put together something about how the stock market has done for the year and what they expect for the year ahead, blah blah blah. Since these are just best guesses I prefer to focus on what we can control, which is planning based on what is going on in your life. This is known as Financial Life Planning. Below I will talk about all the changes that happened for me this past year and how they effected my own finances and how they may relate to yours.

I have to say 2016 was an amazing year for me as there were a ton of great changes. Rebecca and I got engaged, married, bought a house and just got a puppy! Each of these had financial implications (well maybe not the puppy) as we had to review employee benefits, combined our bank accounts, debts, investments and saved for a down payment on the house. We also discussed life insurance as now each of us is dependent on each other’s income.

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We also continued to our love of travel and in 2016 we visited family in Florida with a stop in Key West, I was lucky enough to go to a practice round at The Masters, did a weekend getaway to Pittsburgh, attended destination weddings in Costa Rica and Lake Tahoe which we extended into our honeymoon and visited Napa, San Francisco, Big Sur and Monterey California and even got to play Pebble Beach.

We are able to take so many trips because we try and stay with family or friends whenever possible and also use our credit card rewards for free flights and hotel stays.  Thank you southwest and SPG credit cards!

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Business wise everything was good as well and we even launched a new business to help people with their student loan payments. In just a couple months we helped 17 people get on track to have over $700,000 of student loans get forgiven!! It has been awesome to help these people and see the results we have been getting.

As you can see a lot went on in 2016 for me personally and I bet 2017 will have just as many. How many changes did you have in 2016? Did any of them have financial implications? Are you expecting any in 2017? This is why it is important to let us know any life changes you had or are expecting to have so we adjust your financial plan and make sure we are still doing the right thing for you.