Why I became the first Certified Student Loan Professional in Buffalo, NY

Not everyone graduates with a degree in finance, so while I watched many of my friends bring home impressive degrees and graduate from top colleges, I also watched many of them begin to grapple with their student loan debt. I decided to add a concentration of my own so I could better serve young professionals and become a Certified Student Loan Professional®(CSLP®). Not only would this new designation help my current clients, but it would help my clients who are parents of a soon-to-be graduate navigate this significant financial decision.

The CSLP® designation required significant training above and beyond what I do daily to help clients manage their money. Now, I know the creative ways to help my clients get free from student loan debt and get on with living a better life sooner. It’s so crucial to a client’s overall financial planning picture that it only felt right to do this for my clients because let’s face it, student loan debt is a huge problem in this country.

The rigorous program required me to complete over forty hours of additional instruction and pass the certification exam. I learned the different loan repayment programs, public service loan forgiveness, how to file taxes to maximize student loan debt repayment, and generally how to be more strategic with each of my clients to get the most out of what we’re building together.

There are less than 100 advisers nationwide that have earned this designation.* Currently, I’m one of only four in New York State and the only Certified Student Loan Professional® in the Buffalo area. As a Certified Student Loan Professional® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, I am qualified to assist you in finding the best strategies for repayment of your student loan debt while still planning for your future.

Having a student loan repayment plan can help you move to the next exciting phases of life like buying a home, getting married, starting a family, traveling, and of course, saving for retirement so you can have the life you want for years to come!